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Home > Black and White Witchcraft

Black and White Witchcraft

The word witchcraft is already a common word to everyone. Children already know this word from fairytale stories. But there are many misconceptions about witch craft and whether it’s good or bad. In witchcraft, most people think that this is  all about being a white or black witch. In case you have decided to see and search for yourself about witchcraft, you are considered to be either of the two practicing witches – the black and white witchcraft. There are many websites who are all asking for fees in exchange for a spell cast by a white witch.

Let’s have a clearer definition and explanation of what being a white or black witch means. Black and white witchcraft or witchcraft as a whole is a religion. It admires and gives utmost respect to our Mother Nature. This is because witches believe that the spells and any other rituals they hold and make without any consideration for Mother Nature won’t be possible. They believe that everything that is happening is all about Mother Nature. She is the one responsible for either black or white witchcraft. Thus, it can be positive and sometimes negative. In certain times, it can also be both in effects. Like anyone, you can feel love but sometime feel afraid of what she can do. Definitely, it is impulsive.

On answering your concern of how to know if someone is a white or a black witch, it is like asking someone if he is a good Christian or not, and seeing him and not seeing him go to church. Same goes with Witches.

They have either good or bad moments that they are going through. You can barely tell that someone is a white witch with his actions alone, that they really have working on to be doing great every day. Messing up is part of witchcraft. But this messing up is not a good tool to say that someone is a black practicing witch.

Calling someone white witch is good if he can then show his greatness every day. But we know that every day is not always a good day. There will always be certain moments that we need to mess up and but be ready then. As stated, Mother Nature who is the center of witchcraft is not always in positive and not always in negative. With that, it is definitely hard to tell then on which kind are you? If you can accept that fact that she cannot be good as always. Witches also do. We can’t tell their greatness with just their actions over a short period of time. Still, we need to assess and think over and over again. But thinking about this would be a challenge, so instead, just believe that there are no good and bad witches. It really matters on their everyday actions.

Do you have any thoughts about this topic? Share it now! Have yourself understood by many. Who knows, your thoughts are all simple but interesting to other readers.

Website Readers Comments

Hi!  I completely agree with you about white and black witches.  They are not two different people.  I have wondered about them as I often see the two written of as being completely separate.  Now, thanks to your wonderful explanation, it finally makes sense to me.  Thank you.  I would say it's like asking a newspaper if it's black or white.  It is a combination of both and bears both good and bad news, but both need each other.  If black print is on black you cannot see it, and if a white background is behind white print, it has no purpose as it does not allow the print to be seen.  Therefore, they are only useful when workings together and so too are we, with our good and bad sides.  Some may disagree with this as they may say that all good is the best.  However, if we never have bad or negative choices and experiences, we might fail to progress as we tend to learn mostly from our mistakes.  Thanks for your informative and inspiring website.

- Libby



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