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Home > A Beginner's Guide to Witchcraft, Spells and Magick

A Beginner’s Guide to Witchcraft, Spells and Magick

Some individuals believe that certain terms don’t exist outside the realms of fairytales and films; they are just fabrication of overactive imaginations that fails to exist in the real world. However, other people who believe in witches, witchcraft, spells and magick, they serve as symbols of pride and a consecrated heritage that lasts hundreds of decades.

A couple of decades ago, I was quite puzzled with these terms, and I’m still recuperating to look for the best answers. My journey as a beginner witchcraft began more than a decade ago through my unbiased mother and a trip to an Occult Shop. When I first enter the shop, I was in a sense of awe and wonder, becoming at ease when I first smell the sweet fragrance of a smoke that hung over the bookcases. Though there are a lot of notions, potions, and publications and books that occupied the store, one thing that stood out most was the gentleman on the counter. He was more like of an average guy than those unpleasant characters that comes out from any fairytales. That was my first realization. Witches look just like any other average individuals. Although there are some that looks like a career witch than an average Joe, but most of them tend to choose to blend in people as much as possible. It is because not everyone at present is armed with 21st century thinking. In fact, witches are labeled under the same categories as heathens, Satanists, and generally bad people. However, this is not true.

Another realization just came not long after I decided to have a dialogue into someone from another faith. As I am having a conversation, I realize and it became very clear to me that to become a witch doesn’t necessarily make me one as beginner witchcraft, making me look young and unknowledgeable. I already skipped all of the uninteresting and tedious stuff and went straight for the spells and magick, without realizing that I missed out most of the important information about witchcraft.


It take years of talking to other like-minded individuals, studying witchcraft, and paying attention to the root cause of various religions, instead of studying on my own, in order to be spiritually inclined as a beginner witchcraft. Also, there are instances that I feel disconnected from the world and no amount of spell craft could help me get off from this bad spot. In that certain moment, I was reminded that I am not alone, and that’s where some of the real magick begins.

Spells and magick happens when the energies that surround us are being maneuvered and shaped to generate a specific outcome. One of the best examples is the healing circle. When two or more individuals get together and center their own energies together, they interchange positive healing energy to a specific individual and location.

It has been a long time since I began to choose this career in becoming a witch. Sometimes, it feels like I am starting out again for the first time. New assumptions and views are often learned and shared, and it is very imperative to keep the mind open along the way.




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